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The physics of liquid crystals download

The physics of liquid crystals by J. Prost, P. G. de Gennes

The physics of liquid crystals

Download The physics of liquid crystals

The physics of liquid crystals J. Prost, P. G. de Gennes ebook
Page: 608
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 0198520247, 9780198520245
Format: djvu

Surface effects and anchoring in liquid crystals. Physics reports, 54:391–451, 1991. Motivated by experiment and the power of topological reasoning, the classification of defects in uniaxial nematic liquid crystals was reviewed and expounded upon. In 1888, the Austrian botanist Friedrich Reinitzer discovered substances that were later named "liquid crystals" by a German physicist, Otto Lehmann. On the uniqueness of stratification-induced structural tranformations in confined films. Polarized light microscopy image of a square microparticle in liquid crystal. Over textures on the surface." (Credit: F. These substances are neither solid nor liquid, but exhibit the properties of both forms. On the smallest scales without having to individually manipulate each component. Chemists and physicists have succeeded in getting custom-shaped microparticles to interact and self-assemble in a controlled way in a liquid crystal. Rather, they set out precisely defined starting conditions and let the physics and chemistry that govern those components do the rest. PENNSYLVANIA (US) — Researchers have learned to control defects on the surface of liquid crystals by manipulating microscopic posts underneath.

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